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Dine To Donate

Q-ing up a FUNDRAISER is easy; simply INVITE friends and family to dine with us on a designated day at a designated location and Bandana's BAR-B-Q will donate a portion of the total proceeds brought in by your supporters. Percent of donation is based on sales-if sales are $1-$500=10%, $501-$1000=15%, and over $1000 = 20%. We will provide you with a “ready to print” flyer. You then print as many as needed and distribute. It is truly that easy!

Contact barbw@bandanasbbq.com to set up your fundraising event today! Please provide the following:

  • Day and Date of the Event – (Monday or Tuesday) only please
  • Which Bandana’s Location
  • Name of Organization/Who the proceeds will Benefit
  • A Contact Person’s address, email and phone number

*Flyers cannot be passed out on Bandana’s BAR-B-Q property or by Bandana’s employees*

  • Flyers must be given to the server when ordering or upon payment to receive credit for the sale We Cannot Accept Electronic Copy of Flyer!
  • Valid for both Dine-in and Carry-out sales
  • Our Accounting Department will need a completed W-9 before a check can be issued
  • Please schedule event at least two weeks in advance. Not valid with other promotions or offers. Not valid on gift card sales.
  • I can never express enough how very important the flyer is to the success of your event. It serves as an invitation to your supporters and it is our way of crediting the sale to your organization.

Helpful Ideas We Have Received From Past Successful Event Coordinators

  • Sit down with representatives from your group and brainstorm on a distribution list. Develop a plan on how your team will distribute information.
  • Make announcements in local papers, school newsletters, church bulletins   websites 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Send home flyers 1 week before the event
  • Email reminders 2-3 days in advance
  • Make reminder phone calls the day before
  • Remind supporters about our convenient Online Ordering feature at www.bandanasbbq.comfor carryout

Eat out with your friends & families while knowing that you are helping support a great cause. What a great way to raise money for your group!

*Please do NOT stuff the fundraising flyers in mailboxes- it is a federal offence to place a flyer in a mailbox. If want to mail the flyer, you may do so with appropriate postage through the US postal service. Thank you!