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Answers to important questions regarding the Bandana's Franchise Opportunity

Our Franchise Opportunity

This franchise business is built on three sturdy principles: Great Bar-B-Q, impeccable service and tremendous value. Coupled with the three separate revenue streams of Dine in, Carry out and Catering opportunities, we believe a Bandana's franchise has success written all over it.

Q. What makes Bandana's different from other restaurant franchises?

A. Bandana's serves Southern Style Bar-B-Q. We don't serve hamburgers, fish sandwiches or pasta entrees. We serve barbecued Pork, Beef, Chicken, Ribs and Turkey, with side dishes that compliment our meals. Our secret is our family recipes for our sauces and sides, and our proprietary method of smoking meats. In a nutshell, we make Southern Style Bar-B-Q, cooked slow and served fast.

Q. What does the franchise fee cover?

A. The franchise fee helps to cover the cost of providing you with business opening assistance, initial training and other support and franchise development services.

Q. How much is the fee for continuing support services.

A. The continuing services, or "royalty" fee is 5% of the gross sales derived from the franchised restaurant, paid every week. This fee entitles you to continued use of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q name and trademarks, and access to our operating systems, marketing assistance, on-going business development consulting, and other benefits that come with being part of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise system.

Q. What about Advertising?

A. Building recognition of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q name and reputation is an important part of the business. To this end, you will spend $10,000 on Grand Opening Advertising promotion. You will also contribute 1.5% of your gross sales to an advertising and development fund designated to provide promotional benefits for every member of the franchise system. An additional .5% will be used for national advertising in the future.

Q. How much training is provided in the Bandana's Bar-B-Q system of operations?

A. You and two of your employees will participate in an initial training course of approximately 5 weeks duration depending on your experience. This course provides instruction in kitchen duties, customer service techniques, and administrative procedures involved in running a Bandana's Bar-B-Q Restaurant. You may also be invited to attend refresher-training seminars from time to time.

Q. What form of continuing guidance will I receive?

A. As a Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise owner, you will receive periodic visits from your franchise representative, who will provide guidance and quality control, and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive a copy of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q Confidential Operations Manual, which covers the policies and procedures involved in running your business. As the manual is updated, revisions will be made available to you. And, of course, we'll only be a telephone call away for answers to any questions that may arise during the day-to-day operation of your business.

Q. Will I have exclusive territory?

A. Yes, each Bandana's Bar-B-Q Restaurant will be located in its own, "designated area," inside which no other Bandana's Restaurant will be developed. Your territory may be defined by zip code boundaries, highways, physical landforms, and other criteria. The typical designated area will include a base of approximately 150,000 people.

Q. What is the term of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise agreement?

A. The term of the Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise is ten years. The franchise agreement is renewable for up to three additional successive five-year terms, provided renewal criteria are satisfied.

Q. What is my next step

A. Just fill out the Franchise Evaluation form and return it to us. If, after reviewing your qualifications we feel you have the potential to join the Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise organization, you will be invited to meet with us in person. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to call us at 636-537-8200.

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